Who is this Jicori person?

Jicori (jeh-KOR-ee) is my gamer tag and online moniker, but offline I'm known as Stephanie Watson. Born in 1973, I am a somewhat typical member of Generation X, which is the inspiration for the GenXReplay project. I enjoy contemplating both the joys and challenges of growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, and how much I've changed while the world has changed around me.


Back then...

I grew up with both my parents and a younger brother, primarily in a small town in North Carolina (US).  My parents' Southern values, personal prejudices, and life experiences were pressed onto me, which had a combination of good and not-so-good effects on me. What was good I like to think stuck with me. What was not-so-good I continue to grow beyond and leave in my past.



I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with my partner, Jeff (a.k.a. Hoot), who is a wonderful, supportive force in my life. We have two cockatiels, Monty and Violet, and we enjoy making our home space better, playing video games, attending and volunteering at conventions and festivals, performing with fire, and sharing and celebrating life with friends and family. We're boring, and we're far from perfect... but we're happy.